Worth: Finding Your Value in a World of Never Good Enough

As I wrapped up the last chapter of the book Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington, I couldn’t help but think about where I was this time last year. God has literally taken me full circle in some areas of my life and allowed me a second chance. These past couple of weeks have been life changing. People say that often so it cheapens the phrase, but there isn’t really a better way for me to put it.

Let me explain. I attended a conference called Connection Conference last weekend and even leading up to it the pastor of the ministry had asked that we would pray that God would move and that lives would be changed (to summarize it). Well, as I began praying for the conference, I could feel something inside of me shifting and stirring and I knew that God had something for me at conference. I went to conference and God confirmed what I had been wrestling with in my heart and that was that I was called to do more than what I am doing in the community and that I was created to do more than sing for him. I have something to say because he’s given me something to say and I cannot ignore it anymore. When I realized that though, immediately fear took hold of me and my mind started spinning, “well God what does this look like?” “What do you want me to do next?” “What does this all mean?” On and on it continued until I just stopped myself and prayed. I took some time to really try to hear God’s voice and drown out the lies of the enemy. You may be reading this thinking what does this have to do with finding your worth. I am getting there…stay with me.

This is my personal testimony of how choosing to believe my worth was in Jesus Christ and in nothing else that I accepted what I feel God has asked me to do next. See if you ignore God, chances are, you are not just ignoring God, but you are ignoring the opportunity for him to use you to impact the lives of others. Think about that for a minute. Do you want to be responsible for doing something that hinders another person from getting what God has for them through you? Yes, God knows all, so he will just use someone else if you aren’t willing, but I do not want to ever be in a place where God has to move onto Plan B because he knows his Plan A for that will not accept it.  Well I accepted it, and God asked me to start a Propel Women’s Group.

If I listen to the lies of the enemy I wouldn’t do it. I would either believe the lie of shame that Alli talks about in the book which is that we are never going to live beyond the consequences of our actions. Or I would believe the lie of not enough. I have done many things in my life and in my career but speaking is not one of my strong points so this is definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.

Which lie are you believing today? I would encourage you to stop and ask God to help you believe HIS plan for your life, silence the voice of the enemy, break YOUR busy and accept your calling. We all have one…you just have to be willing to pick it up and listen to God.

Alli says it best when she closes the book with “The best things in your life? They are not of your own doing. They are not because of who you are or what you accomplish, but because of who God is and what he has already accomplished.”

I pray that my story helps to encourage some of you out there who are not satisfied with your life because you know deep down inside that God the creator of the universe is calling you to more.

Xo Amy



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