Look Around and Smile

As I sit in my chair waiting to get my hair done today I can’t help but think about the ladies all around me. People come here to feel better about themselves, to get away from children, because they need to “look the part”, and many other reasons.

Have you ever just stopped in the middle of your day and asked God what is going on with people around you? Listen, people hide behind their phones, their fake smiles, and try to hold it all together until they are out of the public eye. People are hurting and just dying for someone to reach out and offer a genuine smile, a “hey how are you?”, anything. There are people all around us and are we aware? Do we slow down enough to listen?

When’s the last time you just stopped where you were, running errands, at the grocery store, wherever it may be and you just became aware of the people you are around? Who is God asking you to be aware of to smile at, to share a genuine laughter from joy. Where is God asking you to be aware?

My prayer for myself is that I will make myself aware and not be too busy to stop and be aware when God asks me to and I think if more of us thought this way, we would all be in a better place.

Xo Amy

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