National Anthem for Pittsburgh Pirates Easter Game

You may be wondering why the name of today’s post is “National Anthem for Pittsburgh Pirates Easter Game.” I had the honor of singing the National Anthem for the spring training game last Sunday. Some of you know that I sing and others do not (the fun of getting to know your readers and interacting with fellow bloggers!). Singing has been a passion of mine since I was born and I began singing in church when I was only four years old. I did “Jesus Loves Me” from the stage and they had to hold the microphone for me since I was so short. There is a picture floating around here somewhere, if I can find it I will post it. I write a lot about pursuing your passions and going after what God has for you and so I thought I would share this moment with you.

I will just leave you with my performance today and share with you that unless you face your fears and look them boldly in the eye, you will miss out on huge blessings God has for you on the other side of them. (Such as being able to sing in front of over 6,000+ people and perform our National Anthem).  Push through the fear…what is God blessing you with RIGHT NOW?

Here I am singing!

Until next time…

Xo Amy

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