You may be wondering why I called my blog From Blue Jeans to Pearls right? Well, that is not an easy or quick answer so I will give you the readers digest version.

First off, welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting! I hope you find something that will help you along this journey called life or just enjoy reading about mine.

Back to why I named it From Blue Jeans to Pearls. I grew up in Florida and even though its hot 95% of the time, I chose to wear blue jeans a lot while growing up. One of the reasons for this was that I always thought I was too pale and so I would hide my legs in a comfy pair of blue jeans. Now that I am older, and have entered the professional world. I have found myself trading my blue jeans for dresses and pearls. Now, do not get me wrong when I say the cutest outfits can include both but you get the picture.

I was also torn about the name because I wanted it to be a blog about lifestyle. I have learned that I not only am a good cook but that I LOVE to cook for one. Another thing I have realized is that I like to do a fun DIY project or fun craft night with some girlfriends and a glass of wine. I also have a lot of things to say and sometimes I am here to just inspire and help myself and hopefully others who cross this blogs path.

So as you can see I could not just come up with a food blog, or a crafting blog, or did I mention I am also a crazy good deal finder and clip some of the best savings? SEE could not choose so here is where I landed…hope you enjoy.

Xo Amy

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